Match Date: Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bandits 47 - Peterborough 46

SGB Championship


Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 47
Peterborough "T Balfe Construction Panthers" 46
SGB Championship

Back on May 20th this year the Berwick Bandits finally defeated the Peterborough Panthers for the first time in over 18 years and welcomed the Panthers back to Shielfield Park last night for another SGB Championship match with the visitors hell-bent on revenge.

In a season of superb speedway this was a match that still stood out for its' excellence with thrilling racing, great team riding, last heat decider and a rare home win made for a night to remember, not to mention the scrapes and falls, although all the best wishes are sent to Jack Parkinson-Blackburn who was taken off to hospital with a damaged hand and upper back pain which needed swift exploratory x-rays and attention, typically ironic as he was enjoying one of his best performances of the year.

Both teams operated rider-replacement, Berwick for Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Bradley Wilson-Dean for Peterborough due to injury and it was the home side who took the early lead after a superb gate from Nick Morris to roar away for the win in a home 4-2, while Jye Etheridge led Heat Two well from the off but hit a rut on the first bend of the second lap and faulted letting Simon Lambert through to win in a shared 3-3.

Kevin Doolan took a fine win in the third having battled well with Ulrich Ostergaard hitting hard from behind but hit a loose bit of track and allowed Doolan to take an easier win in a 3-3, and with a third share in the fourth the score moved on to 13-11.

Dany Gappmaier made another gate in Heat Five and rode a great four laps to hold out Worrall who put in a huge effort off the last bend, but with Doolan in third Berwick took another 4-2 extending their lead to 17-13 which progressed to 22-14 after Doolan and Morris relegated to third after a brilliant second bend for a solid Berwick maximum.

An untroubled win for Ostergaard in the sixth over a fast-looking Howe before Morris took a 5-1 with a magnificent pass from Jack Parkinson-Blackburn who forced his way round Lambert in a thrilling move off bend four, but with the score now 29-19 Holder was named as a tactical ride in the ninth race and win well for six points as Lambert held out Doolan well for a Panthers' 1-8 narrowing the gap to 30-27.

Ostergaard and Morris went down hard on the first bend of Heat 10, with Morris quickly getting up and shot back to the pits but Ostergaard had twisted a knee and had to take an ambulance trip to the fourth bend base, but made it out for the eventual re-run in which Paul Starke soared away to win ahead of Etheridge as Ostergaard battled hard for third over Morris who retired when at the back, and that 2-4 narrowed the score to 32-31 with five races left.

Worrall tangled with Ostergaard on the third bend of Heat 11, as Worrall spun and ended up facing the oncoming traffic, both fell, but Worrall was the guilty party and subsequently excluded from the re-run won by Ostergaard and hounded by Howe all the way winding himself up for a sensational pass on the last bend to nick the win and a Bandits' 4-2 taking the score to 36-33.

Parkinson-Blackburn executed another brilliant pass in Heat 12 round Lambert off bend four, and squeezed down an ever narrowing gap on the home straight, but slowed going into bend one and fell awkwardly into the foam fence to be excluded from the re-run which resulted in a good win for Gappmaier in a 3-3 after Parkinson-Blackburn had been cautiously taken into the ambulance complaining of upper back pain and a damaged hand.

Doolan was taking a comfortable second place in an away 2-4 in Heat 14, but coming down the home straight lifted violently when is throttle jammed wide open and flung him off the back at high speed, his bike and himself hammering into the first bend fence and while the rider was fine, the result was awarded a Peterborough 1-5 and with one to go the score was now 43-44.

In a brilliant Heat 15 Morris was out in front but Howe eased his way into a match-winning second place round Holder and held it well behind Ostergaard who looked like he was trying to slow it to allow Holder through, but Howe held it well and recorded a 4-2 finalising the match, another hugely entertaining match, at 47-46.

Team manager Gary Havelock said: "It might only have been a one point win, but what a win that was! Another great night at Berwick Speedway where Saturdays are never boring. The guys really dug in deep tonight with all of them having great, great moments which gave the crowd some massive moments to cheer on.

"The passing was fantastic and it's a shame Jack Parkinson-Blackburn had to end up in the ambulance as he had just shown what a class rider he is turning into with his brilliant pass of Simon Lambert off the fourth bend showing great courage and skill, but that crash of his looked nasty and we wish the kid all the best for a rapid recovery as he definitely didn't deserve to end up on a stretcher tonight.

"Kev was a lucky lad mind, when his throttle jammed at full revs down the home straight as that bail-out was at a huge speed and the lads behind him really did well to miss him as he skidded into the first bend apart from his bike, scary stuff, but Kev is made of strong stuff and bounced well for an old guy!"

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) 47

Nick Morris 3,2*,3,R,2,3 = 13+1
Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen - Rider replacement
Dany Gappmaier 0,3,0,3 = 6
Kevin Doolan (c) 3,1,3,1,Fx = 8
David Howe 1,2,2,3,1*,1 = 10+1
Jye Etheridge (r) 2,0,2,1,1 = 6
Jack Parkinson-Blackburn (guest) (r) 1*,1*,2*,Fx = 4+3
Kieran Douglas - Did not ride

Peterborough "T Balfe Construction Panthers" 46

​Steve Worrall (guest) 2,2,Fx,0 = 4
Bradley Wilson-Dean - Rider replacement
Paul Starke 2,1,3,2 = 8
Ulrich Ostergaard (c) 1*,3,1,2,3,2 = 12+1
Jack Holder 3,1,6^,3,0 = 13
Simon Lambert (r) R,3,0,N,1,2*,1*,2* = 9+3
Tom Woolley (guest) (r) 0,0,0,0,N = 0