Track expertise saves the day!


The vital Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) vs. Edinburgh Monarchs SGB Championship league meeting would not have gone on had it not been for the sterling work and track expertise put in all day by Ian Rae and George Hepburn after the weather forecast proved incorrect with a mass of overnight and early morning rain leaving the track flooded at 6am, with the pair working continuously from early morning right up to start time to get a brilliant track surface to race on, and with the race times generally faster than the average - their tireless work was well worthwhile.

Team manager Gary Havelock said: "I've got to thank Razor and Heppy who basically saved that meeting having worked at the track from about 6 in the morning or some godforsaken hour right through the day after the track was flooded unexpectedly. If the forecasters had got their act together and given us accurate information we'd have had the track covered on Friday but as they didn't get it right at all, we nearly lost the meeting with the flooding, but Razor and Heppy worked a miracle and we had a great track to race on. Thanks guys!

"We were desperate for the win over Edinburgh and the guys went out and rode out of their skins to get it as that's all I've heard all week.... beat Edinburgh...beat Edinburgh, and we did which was a great result, and next week we've got the league leaders, Sheffield in town, but after this tonight, our fifth home win in a row, I fully believe we have the beating of Sheffield well within us and it's going to be a fantastic way to close our first year promoting Berwick.

"Before the season started I said the worst we could do would be to win he league in our first season as that would lift what the fans would expect and make next season a hard ask, and whilst I didn't mean finish stone last, the way the fans have stood by us, understood what we're doing, its actually been a pretty good first season's business, and the crowds have stuck with us and turned up every week. We put decent foundations in this year to really build on over the future.

"Tonight saw the last races from Nick Morris for us this season as he's in the SGB PRC at Belle Vue next week but what a great signing he has been for us and the guy has been a brilliant number one for Berwick after an under-par start for him by his own standards, he really dug in deep and made for some fantastic races, and we thank him for all his efforts - the guy's a star!

"Our fans can go to Glasgow in a couple of weeks of course and cheer Nick in the SGB CRC individual when he will be representing us."