"Time to go out with a bang!" - Havelock


After a frustrating night at Ipswich on Thursday, Berwick's team manager, Gary Havelock is keen to end the season bathed in glory with Edinburgh and Sheffield due at Shielfield Park on the 9th and 16th of this month.

Following the match at Foxhall he said: "We rode better than that score suggests tonight with all the guys having their moments and getting dug right in there. Ipswich are a good side and they're not top two for nothing so we were right up against it to get a result, saying that we looked the part tonight!

"Having said that the referee didn't help on a few points, not least when he took Alfie Bowtell out of Heat 14 for, as he said, coming out of bend three and hitting Nathan Greaves in the side with them both falling, funny thing is the way I saw it, it was going INTO bend three and their rider rode into the back of our guest Alfie! 

"Still I guess if we'd been up there challenging for he top slots it might have seriously bothered me but as we're not its more of an irritation, an annoying one mind non the less!

"The league championship was lost to us a good while ago, but our fans are fantastic as they came back again and again on a Saturday night to get stuck in to the great action the guys have served up for them every week. If we get two good exciting wins at home to end the season then for now it's job done, and to be fair at this stage of the season what happens 350 miles away doesn't worry folk, but it is our aim to go out over the next two weeks with a bang and get some exciting wins under our belts.

"Edinburgh, as we know, will go so well at Shielfield on Saturday, but lets face it there's no club the Berwick fans like to beat more than the Monarchs - which we have yet to do this year, although last time they were here it was 42-48 so not that far off the mark! It'll be tough but the guys want that win and will be going hell for leather to get it.

"Then we have the current league leaders and favourites for the title, Sheffield at our gaff to close one heck of a season - and I can't wait to get our teeth into that one!"