Berwick bloom in August


The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) have suffered this season in injuries, grotesque luck and a set of results which are certainly not the envy of the rest of the SGB Championship, but had the season started on August 1st, then the Bandits story of 2017 would have been a whole lot different.

A win at home over Peterborough 47-46, Scunthorpe 48-42 and Workington 56-37 followed by a Border Trophy-winning 48-42 narrow defeat in the SGB Championship at Workington have made the month a memorable shard of piercing light penetrating a dark year, albeit filled with the greatest racing many can remember.

The Bandits are eager to make September carry on this upturn in form when the Newcastle Diamonds call into town next Saturday night - although they will be without their newly crowned World Under-19 Champion and Under-21 European Champion Robert Lambert in their ranks as he is off for the second leg of the World Under-21 Final but have drafted in Edinburgh's Ricky Wells to take his place.

Berwick are on the up with their scores, especially at home, and Newcastle - it is more to fair to say - have been bitterly disappointing on their travels, but the Bandits are not taking anything for granted and will ne boosting their confidence and belief again before Heat One takes place.

To make it four in a row for the Bandits would have been unbelievable just a month or two ago, but with the roll gaining ground, it will be a priority goal to achieve.

Newcastle arrive at Shielfield Park this Saturday night September 2nd, at the usual 7.00pm tapes-up!