Bandits ride out of their skins to defeat Panthers


It seems even regular guests are not exempt from the Berwick 2017 bad luck syndrome as young Jack Parkinson-Blackburn ended up in a heap on the first bend, and this after having shown what a great talent he with a massive pass round Simon Lambert off the fourth bend of the third lap in Heat Eight for a top class paid win in a vital 5-1 in a match that had everything and every point counted.

Sadly when jousting with the same rider in Heat 12 his move round the outside of Lambert up the home straight through a seriously tight corridor but having looked to have made the pass, seemed to shut off and lost control, careering into the first bend fence, ending up under his bike. After a fair amount of time with the medics on the track, the Bandits' guest was very carefully placed on a back-board as a precautionary measure and taken off in the ambulance with a hand injury and then dispatched to hospital for x-rays in order to check out the pain he was suffering at the top of his spine with the very best wished of the Bandits organisation and fans alike.

Once word comes out about the burgeoning star's condition we will of course update here.

Kevin Doolan also came to grief on the same line at one of the fastest parts of the race when he was sitting comfortably in second in Heat 14 when his throttle jammed wide open lifting his front wheel high in the air and throwing the rider off the back, but with the speed that had been built up both man and machine flew down the home straight right into the edge of the polyfoam fence, and amazingly the skipper got to his feet right away and pushed his misbehaving machine back to the pits.

As a season as a whole, it's not been good for Berwick, but in terms of action on the track many fans agree this has been - and it's not finished yet - one of the best seasons in the last 50 for sheer thrilling and exciting riding with every match having breath-taking racing of the highest order, and it's a testament to that fact that has seen crowds maintain a good level all year.