The Warehouse Announcement rock Shielfield Friday

Fancy a full-on rockin' night out...FREE OF CHARGE?

The Warehouse Announcement are blasting out a performance center for the first time in 18 months ... Including our own co-promoter Scott Courtney on guitar.

The JB Lounge at Shielfield Park is the place to be on Friday June 30th at 7.30pm.

With special guests Huffman and Spence and
Fake Hippy!


Have Bandits turned a corner?

Following a pretty disastrous Saturday night against Redcar, the Bandits travelled to Scunthorpe with three guests and despite the bravado, little hope of putting on a show at the Eddy Wright Raceway, but never doubt the spirit of the Bandits as they took a hold of the match by the scruff of the neck and shook the living daylights out of it.

Jye's lucky escape

The management of the Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) are pleased to report this morning that their high flying reserve, Jye Etheridge has escaped last nights horror smash without serious injury!

Jye clashed with Redcar's Jonas B. Andersen and both riders piled into the polyfoam fence at high speed.

Initial fears suggested Jye had potential internal injuries but after a night of thorough examination he has escaped with severe bruising.

Andersen also escaped injury winning the heat's re run.

2017 curse strikes again - more guests required!

Jye Etheridge joined a list of Bandits he'd far rather have missed out on by tangling with Jonas B. Andersen in a tight first bend of Heat Eight vs. Redcar Bears, with the Aussie star having to take an ambulance ride off the track and then transferred to a county ambulance for a trip to the Northumberland Emergency Specialist Hospital in Cramlington for more work on a suspected punctured lung and broken ribs.

It's Josh Grajczonek in for Nick Morris tonight

After the Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) received another dose of bad luck, delivered by scud missile last night at Peterborough, Nick Morris will now have to sit out for nine days due to his concussion.

Joe Jacobs covers injured Lewis Bridger for a month

The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) have moved to find temporary cover for their injured star, Lewis Bridger who is recovering from damage to.his back after his recent track crash and have moved swiftly to secure the services of 23 year old Ipswich born Joe Jacobs on a 28 day basis.

Kevin Doolan's Big Day Out Testimonial An Incredible Success

Team Berwick Bandits 27
Team Belle Vue Aces 24
Team Ipswich Witches 23
Team King's Lynn Stars 22

(Fair Dinkum Fours)

​It was undoubtedly the testimonial to end all testimonials, an event meticulously conceived, developed and delivered by it's beneficiary, Kevin Doolan, and the result was a blueprint for all subsequent testimonial committees to examine and learn from. In a word - brilliant, and the sun came out with the mercury busting over 27c prior to start time.... unheard of in Berwick!


In Berwick Speedway's 50 year history the Bandits have had numerous skippers, but there is a general consensus of opinion that Australian Kevin Doolan is one of the best to lead the Bandits in league action of all time!

Kevin Doolan (30-November-1980, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia) first rode speedway at the tender age of 11 on a 125cc at his home town of  Shepparton and progressed to 500cc machines at Mildura when just 15. He made his UK debut for Belle Vue in 1999, and in 2002 made his Division Two debut for the Berwick Bandits. 

Patched-up Bandits on the road to Ipswich

The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) take to the road for the long journey to the Ipswich Witches on Thursday night battling for SGB Championship league points.

Manager full of praise for Bandits and track staff

Berwick's team manager Gary Havelock struggled to hide his total delight after seeing his side take a good solid win over local side, Newcastle on Saturday night, but it wasn't just his riding 1-7 that filled him with pride, but the staff who lay the match-saving track covers - an innovative system developed and fine-tuned by Berwick that is now starting to catch the eye of other tracks across the land and it's proven to be potentially club-saving let along match-saving as Gary Havelock explained after his side's great win over the Diamonds on Saturday night.