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Yep, my heading sums up the past weekend. Highs and lows.

Friday night at Edinburgh started promisingly enough --15-15 after five heats. Even after Heat 12 when the score was 43-29 you thought an overall win was still manageable, that surely we wouldn’t, couldn’t collapse as we’ve been known to…

As it turns out we were turned over 14-4 in those final 3 heats to give us a gigantic 57-33 scoreline to overturn.

The only plus side of Friday was learning I’d be watching the next night’s meeting from the comfort of the Hospitality Suite, having won the weekly draw on Facebook. All clouds have silver linings, I suppose!

So Saturday came and immediately you could tell Edinburgh weren’t just there for the aggregate win. We were being out-gated in the first few heats and I was one of a few who reckoned it was game over!

But we rallied and managed to salvage some pride and won 48-42. But yes, out of the Cup again – one year it will all work out for us!

Being in hospitality certainly helped numb all the heartache though and a big shout-out must go to Neil, Sandra and Viv who are nothing short of being the perfect hosts.

Lucky me, though – I’ll be in there again with a few close friends and family for my hen night this Saturday against Workington!

Sunday was certainly the highlight of the weekend. A beautifully hot day was behest on all who made their way to the 4TT at Redcar.

A full bus-load plus several more car-loads of our supporters lined themselves up on the strangely-opened back straight. What a great view you get from there – it’s a damn shame it isn’t a regular viewing area.

Our Bandits did us proud and only a very unlucky last place for Jye in Heat 22 (when he was left absolutely no room by Ashley Morris) meant that we sadly didn’t make the final.

Big praise must go here to Redcar who, for the first time they’ve held a big meeting, did a tremendous job.

It was very dusty, but that would probably have been the same anywhere given the extreme heat the country has been lucky enough to experience these last few days!

I love the 4TT – others don’t, but that’s their prerogative!

We’re back in league action this weekend home and away with Worky and I will welcome some of their fans (the ones who cheered so loudly when it was announced one of our riders had broken his wrist in a big crash at Derwent Park) the way I welcome the morning after a hot curry – they just ain’t my favourite set of supporters!

Another tight couple of meetings is guaranteed, I think.

See you then, Banditos!

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