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Nearly halfway there......

Yep, that's right, we ain't far from being halfway through our league campaign --- and this must be the first season in God knows how long where I can't actually pick a team who is going to be odds-on to take the title.

Glasgow, who looked a good team on paper, have majorly let down the pundits who had them walking this league.

Ipswich, another who have had a battle with riders failing to hit the potential they can or have had one injury problem after another.

Scunthorpe, another fantastic team on paper have been rocked by injuries.

Peterborough losing at home but then picking points up away.

Sheffield, the current league champions are even ringing in the changes, more so because of their troubles in picking up the away wins that came so easily last season!

Then we have us...

Pass marks for sure yes..... Definite improvement on last season no doubt..... But I still feel that we've let points go we shouldn't have...

Maybe I just expect too much..

Either that, or its maybe because I'm writing this at an ungodly hour -- I'm a crabbit old hag right now!

Never mind, we face a hiatus in racing this week but next Friday and Saturday sees two very crucial meetings as we go against the Monarchs in the KO Cup.

I won't make a prediction just yet as I wouldn't be surprised to see a shake-up within the Monarchs camp -- I personally hope not until after our meetings!

I'll trail my worn-out car up there again in the hope we keep it close.

Looking forward to seeing a big turn out of Black and Gold.

Over and out lads and lasses -- enjoy your free Saturday night, Banditos!

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