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This weekend sees us take on our old pals Edinburgh in the Knockout Cup, in arguably our biggest and most important meeting for many a season.

Now, I would argue that every meeting is important but this one is for a trophy and anytime we’re against the Monarchs we should always be looking for a win.

The dress rehearsal was two weeks ago and the Bandits can be confident of putting in a decent performance, but they will have to be at their best to defeat the Monarchs over two legs.

Much will depend upon our performance in the first leg at Armadale on Friday night, so many times a bogey track for us over the years and only two wins there in over twenty tears would suggest we will have our work cut out again.

However, we are a side with a few Armadale specialists in it and there is absolutely no reason why we can’t keep it close enough to give ourselves a real chance of progress to the next round. We have already proved that we are more than a match for any side around our own circuit and that surely has to give us the confidence and belief that we can do this.

Despite us being a match for anyone at home, I can’t help but feel that we haven’t fully hit top form. That may be a strange statement considering we are sitting at the right end of the league table and are unbeaten at home in the league, but there hasn’t been a meeting this season where everyone has clicked and hit top form all at once.

It will happen, it has to happen at some point, please let it be this weekend against the Monarchs!

The good thing about this however, is that when someone has maybe had a below par night or hasn’t been at their best, someone else has stepped up to produce a fine performance and that has ultimately proved the difference between winning and losing.

Those of you who were at the meeting two weeks ago against the Monarchs will have witnessed the “incident” between Erik Riss and Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen where the latter attempted a swing at the former in reaction to a somewhat overzealous move on the entry to the third bend.

While this incident didn’t progress much further beyond this, that little bit of needle brought the meeting to life and added that bit of atmosphere to it. Now imagine what that’s going to be like when its a cup tie where one of the teams can actually progress?

There were similar scenes at Workington during their match with Glasgow at the weekend and the pictures were all over social media, with some people saying such ugly scenes don’t need to be seen at speedway.

Right okay, I’ll admit I don’t want to see riders rolling about the centre green throwing punches or attempting to re-enact the scenes of any Rocky film. But a little bit of to and fro is alright with me, and like I say, I feel it can add a little flavour to a meeting without having to resort to actual fisticuffs.

Plus from what little I have seen of the football world cup, are these so called “ugly scenes” any uglier than seeing some overpaid, prima donna pansies acting like they’ve been shot by a sniper despite having never been touched by anything other than fresh air?

I think not!

I’ll stick with a real sport if it’s all the same!

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