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Well, it’s been a while but I’m back in action once again!

The worry of course is that at this time of year there might not be such a lot to talk about in the speedway world, and given that our season here at Berwick finished almost a month ago there was a worry I might have been toiling for material.

One man made certain I had plenty to talk about though, step up Mr Nick Morris!

Or should I say Championship Riders Champion, Mr Nick Morris!

That’s right, he only went and done the business at his old track at Glasgow to claim the title. An absolutely monumental achievement as he became only the third Bandits rider in history to claim the prestigious title.

He is now etched in history beside Bandits legends Wayne Brown and Steve McDermott, who many would argue lay a claim to be the greatest Bandit of all time, or GOAT for short.

Now I know that I have written a similar topic on this blog a little while back, but Nick Morris’ win at Glasgow got me thinking, where does he rank among the greatest Bandits of all time?

I realise that the likes of Brown and McDermott did multiple seasons with the Bandits and although I wasn’t around to see these guys race, I have spoken to enough people and seen the statistics to know that these guys were fantastic servants to the club and they scored plenty of points.

I do believe however that Nick Morris is up there among the best riders we have ever had here at Berwick based on what he brought to the table. A big name rider of known quality who delivered the goods on a consistent basis week in and week out, and what we got from him was total commitment and a bucket load of points.

Now in the past we have signed big name riders, who have frankly failed to live up to the hype and not done the job that was perhaps expected of them and at times you could question if the commitment was there as well.

The Number One rider in any team is the guy you need to go out and win the big heats, score double figures on a regular basis and occasionally look after some of his perhaps lesser experienced team mates in order to bring home the points for the team.

Nick did all of that and more and in fact, if you look up “Proper Number One” in the dictionary you will see a picture of Nick Morris, well not actually but you know what I mean!

While I realise not everyone will share the same opinion as me, I don’t think there are many would argue with me about what Nick brought to the side once he settled in and I certainly believe that he is one of the top riders we have ever had here at Berwick, certainly in the last 15-20 years.

In that time we have had names like Mogridge, Makovsky, Lamb, Bentley, Rymel, Ashworth and many more lead the Bandits from the front and it is my belief that Nick Morris has done every bit the job that these guys did, perhaps even more so in his relatively short spell with us.

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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