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Well, it’s been a rather eventful couple of weeks, so much so that this is my first entry on here in a couple of weeks, for which I can only apologise.

A combination of things has kept me off here but I don’t think I’ll have been missed too much, due to my fellow bloggers on here churning out some quality content to keep all eyes on the Bandits.

As things stand at the moment we can be extremely proud of the efforts of the Bandits and as Dick Barrie alluded to in a recent article, no other club in the country is doing what we are doing with several different personalities all channelling their opinions out there for the world to see.

Leading the way at more than the league table it would seem!

Now one of the reasons for my absence on here has been due to a couple of trips away, one of which was to the Speedway Of Nations Final in Wroclaw, and what a couple of nights of racing that turned out to be!

Team GB firmly put the cat among the pigeons as Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert came oh so very close to claiming the gold medal. I genuinely don’t think I have been as nervous as that at a speedway meeting in my life as sporting drama was unfolding in front of my very eyes!

There was plenty of drama after the event but that is very much a story for another time!

Anyway, whilst Tai Woffinden was the undoubted star of the tournament, young Robert Lambert also has had the week of his career. Speedway of Nations silver medal and British Champion in the same week, not bad at all!

This is on top of his British Under 21 title which of course he won at Berwick a little while back, making him the first ever rider to claim both the junior and senior titles in the same season, with a maximum in both meetings no less. I don’t know if that will ever be repeated!

Many people have made reference that this may be Robert Lambert “coming of age” and bursting on to the world scene in a big way, and to be honest I tend to agree, and here’s why...

Looking back to 2013, Tai Woffinden claimed his first Grand Prix victory in Prague, then followed it up by winning the British Title a few days later, look at what he has achieved since, two world titles and a host of other accolades.

In the same year Jason Doyle was thrown into his first World Cup meeting for Australia in Czestochowa and went on to be top scorer and star of that night. Many people have said that this night was the turning point in his career where the belief within himself that he could compete with the very best became evident.

Five years later he is the current world champion, so those people might be right!

Now I’m not saying that in five years time Robert Lambert will be a World Champion, but if it were to happen it wouldn’t be a massive surprise. There is no reason why he can’t become a Grand Prix regular within that time frame though, as he really is that good.

Now over the years there have been a few riders who have burst on the scene, only to peak and not make it to the level perhaps deserving of their talent. But with the Team GB setup the way it is now I can see Lambert becoming a true breakout star of the future.

He is already picking up plenty of points in both Sweden and Poland and in turn is gaining that valuable experience that will see him make it to the next level, and with that performance in the Speedway of Nations behind him that belief in himself must surely be there.

Lots of guys perhaps don’t get the opportunity to have that one meeting where they turn it up a notch and announce their arrival on the world stage, but Lambert has and grabbed the opportunity with both hands, showing maturity far beyond his years in the process.

He will only get better from here and if the likes of Dan Bewley and Leon Flint can continue their rapid progress then the future of Team GB looks pretty bright, and from that hopefully British Speedway in general can flourish too.

Who knows with our training track facility at Duns up and running there may be a heavy northern influence in Team GB in the not too distant, or perhaps even a Scotsman, now wouldn’t that be something!?

Of course if you wish to agree, or disagree with the Mythman, have an idea for a feature, or you simply want to chew the fat over all things speedway, you can email me Mythman666@hotmail.com. If your compliments, or indeed gripes can be contained to just 280 characters. You can send me a tweet @Mythman666.

Until next time...and there will be a next time.

Right I’ll hae’tae gan