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Last weekend didn’t go to plan but that’s racing, although once again we showed spirit at Edinburgh but missed something late in the meeting.

Saturday at home we had to fight hard to get the win against an impressive Monarchs team.

Personally I have been struggling a bit the last few weeks. I’ve had some intermittent problems with engines and had to swap back and forth to my spare bike. Despite continually replacing parts and believing I have solved the issue, it’s been nagging me and making it hard to judge race set-ups and predict how the bike is going to behave from the start.

As I write this I am almost certain we have got to the bottom of the issue so fingers crossed this time.

Once again it was great to see a big turnout of Berwick fans at Redcar for the Fours. I do believe it is a special event and as usual there was some amazing racing on Sunday, but unfortunately each year the host track gets a lot of stick for track conditions.

I’m sure it’s the same old rants coming from the same riders, fans and keyboard warriors as it normally is but this year they got to blame Redcar not Peterborough like in the previous years!

Personally, I think the format must take on most of the blame as it is near impossible to run that many heats one after another on a track that is built to run 15 heats. Another slab of blame has to be hung on the neck of the officials who rush the races through with no consideration of track preparation intervals. It’s a tough task to stage a Fours meeting and I believe it needs to be made a little simpler to ensure the quality of the entertainment is kept whilst giving the fans a cleanly run meeting.

I really do hope they can nail down a format that works and brings back the feelgood factor that I know an event like the Fours deserves.

On another note, I have got to send a big thank you to Jamie at Mike Hope of Wooler for helping to sort an issue with my van, but I’m not the only one who has needed the help of the Berwick locals….

Dave Howe’s van broke down near Edinburgh on Friday night. With a little bit of vehicle shuffling and a couple of RAC trucks we managed to get everything sorted and get Dave to all the meetings over the weekend. Again, Berwick – well, Kelso – local Brian Little has stepped in to sort Dave’s van and it should be all ready for this weekend’s matches against Workington.

I often travel alone so it was good fun to have Dave and his mechanic Dan in with me for some of the travelling last weekend.

Let’s hope though, that is all the mechanical gremlins out of the system now as I’d love nothing more than to just concentrate on going racing and getting big points home and away for the rest of the season……