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Our last home meeting might have been two weeks ago but its funny how quick that goes when you are a tight knit group like the Bandits!

Dave and myself have picked up guest bookings, Aaron, Nikolaj and Jye have had top division fixtures, Theo has had Longtrack and Dany has been back to Austria for some meetings.

Our group chat has been constant over the last two weeks with plenty of banter, the odd offer of a bit of help with travel, a hand on the spanners or just a place to stay, so not a day goes by without a good laugh between us but its nearly always instigated by Jye or Dave!

I’ve not seen a group this close before and it’s refreshing, as a speedway season can be a long lonely slog if you ride for people who don’t care, with people you don’t have anything in common with and in front of people who compare you to tales from speedway past.

We are super lucky to be racing our bikes and doing so at a modest pro/semi pro level and we are lucky to be racing for a promotion who gives their whole heart and soul to the club the riders and the community that supports this slightly mad concept that is speedway.

We are lucky that the supporters see us as idols and can’t wait to tell their friends that they spoke to us or what they saw us do on the track,

We are lucky to be part of the community that would never see anyone stuck and always backs us.

As a team of seven riders we can absorb and thrive off our surroundings, there is no doubt in my mind this is a big part of what’s happening now, yes we all want to win races but the brain has a funny way of holding back that extra 10% of ability and concentration for something you actually give a commitment about.

The snowball effect comes when the fans, sponsors and community see that commitment and the extra 10% comes out, they see something they can relate to whether it be in one rider or all the riders, and that connection adds to the storyline of an evening’s racing and brings extra atmosphere to what is already an amazing product.

We have a few big meetings coming up this weekend and like always our boys will give 100%, there will be ups and down for sure but that’s why we are lucky to be such a close team and with the support we have we can lift that 10% to help each other.

If your reading this you most likely can already see something that you can relate to in our riders, and after 15 heats you can enjoy the victories or suffer the losses with us.

In this way we are all lucky cause very few sports integrate their talent with the community as well as speedway does and no other community accepts us the speedway riders in like the people around Berwick do.